It's All About The Music



Mics: Neumann, Flea, Brauner, Blue, Lauten, AEA, Josephson, Cloud, Peluso, Shure, Audio Technica


Preamps: Great River, API, Universal Audio, True-Systems, Rupert Neve Designs


Dynamics: Retro, Pendulum Audio, Rupert Neve Designs, Universal Audio, Purple


EQ: Langevin, Rupert Neve Designs, Dangerous


Conversion: Cranesong HEDD, Alesis HD24


Monitoring/Summing: Dangerous, Focal, Avantone


Mastering: Rupert Neve Designs Master Buss Processor, Pendulum OCL-2, Langevin Mini-Massive, Dangerous Bax


Software: ProTools, Cubase, Sonar


Mixing Plugins: UAD2, Waves, TC Powercore


Virtual Instruments: UVI Ravenscroft Piano, Quantum Leap Pianos, Ivory II, Piano In Blue, RA, Silk, Gypsy, Ocean Way Drums, Steven Slate Drums, Mojo Horns, Vienna Symphony, Access Virus, Quantum Leap Orchestra & Choir, Scarbee Rhodes, Arturia Vintage Synths, NI Session Horns & Session Strings,

and much, much more!